Monday, October 17, 2011

Assignment # 2 The dreaded introduction

Hi Y'all.

Welcome to "Exploring the History of Fashion and Dress," with your's truly.
This blog site is dedicated to the History of Fashion and Costume, as part of the free-online course from the Costumer's Manifesto's Self-Direct Study Online course by the same name: " The History of Fashion and Dress."

Since this is a self-directed course of study, my objective is to use this blog to do the assignments and to explore all things fashion - that includes costuming and its abundent history.

Now, to the keynote of the assignment at hand - the dreaded introduction.
My name is Maeve and am currently enrolled in this free self directed online course of study.
My background is unique, because I'm not currently employed in the costuming world or in the fashion world. I haven't had a formal education in fashion and costuming, but have been sewing since I was a little girl.
My love for all things vintage and historical costuming came from my years of being part of the local Reniassance Faires, as well as being a one-time member of the SCA (Society for Creative Anarchonism). I have also spent time on the stage at various venues from theaterical to whimsical. While some people have a strong presence as a performer, I've felt more at ease being behind the curtain watching, running around, and being a nusciance while throwing together outfits for the performers and setting up prop changes for the next scene. From there I've had a very board and extensive education in Western Civilization, Art History, and general Libreal Arts. I have my BA in Ancient Mediterranean Studies from UC Davis and a Post-Bacclaureate from San Francisco State in Classical Archaeology. As well as some smattering of studio art and gallery management - but no formal education in fashion or in costuming.

Okay, now for the second part of this assignment, which is to utilize Google's search engine and do a quick and dirty search for ancient jewelry. I'm planning on listing three different types of historical jewelry based chronological from Ancient Eygptian (periods ranging from Old Kingdom to pre-Poltomnic), Ancient Greek (periods ranging from Myceanan to Hellenic), and Ancient Roman (periods ranging from Estrucan to 340 AD).
1.) Ancient Eygptain articles on jewelry, artifacts and reproductions: In Egypt 3000 BC;;
2.) Ancient Greek articles on jewelry, artifacts, and reproductions:;;;
3.) Ancient Roma articles on jewelry, artifacts, and reproductions:;;;

Hope everyone finds these sites illuminating or at least helpful.

Until next week my adventurous readers.